Launching JPYC Staking Vault

We are pleased to announce that the staking service for “JPY Coin from Mainnet” on the Binance Smart Chain (hereinafter referred to as BSC) will be launched on the xWIN platform today.

“JPY Coin from Mainnet” is a new token created on BSC and is currently almost illiquid, but as one of the measures, is granting a certain amount of APR for a limited time.

The following is an example of how to reach the xWIN platform. However, please note that there are other ways to reach the xWIN platform and that there are risks specific to DeFi.

We assumes no responsibility whatsoever for attempting to conduct the illustrated method.

(1) Get JPYC through Uniswap via ETH Mainnet.

(2) Bridge to Binance Smart Chain’s “JPY Coin from Mainnet” via OmniBridge ( *Note that fees are expensive.

(3) Farm JPY Coin from Mainnet (BSC) on the platform.

[Important Notes]

1. Please prepare ETH and BNB in advance as they are required for the payment of fees on each network.

2. This is not an investment advice. Our group will not be responsible for your trial. Please make your own decision at your own risk.

3. Commissions may be higher than expected. Please note that ETH Mainnet in particular may be higher than expected.

For the Japanese, converting from Japanese Yen to JPYC and bridging is the simple way to reach xWIN. This means that crypto exchanges are no longer necessary. From there, if users can receive xWIN tokens as APR, they will want to learn more about xWIN.

For international users, JPYC is the new stablecoin in Japan. Currently, there are a few domestic vendors that accept JPYC for payment, and you may be able to use JPYC when you visit Japan. There are not many vendors yet, but I think xWIN group can be a bridge between them.

xWIN Team.