Sharing xWIN’s roadmap (AUG 2021 — JAN 2022)

August — September 2021

  • Subscription and sales platform for xWIN LP tokens(08–2021)
  • Work with institutional investors and hedge funds to launch more trading vaults. (08–2021)
  • Participate in Ariga-island Event(08–2021)
  • Provide JPYC Farming Service(08–2021)
  • Launched USDT Fixed Term Interest Service(09–2021)
  • News links on the top page of–2021)
  • Increase the utility of xWIN tokens; offer more free or VIP services to xWIN token holders(09–2021)

October -November 2021

  • Prepare for Binance listing -> Alternative (specific CEX listing for TradingView)
  • Selling goods at Toppy Gallery
  • Release of Private Vault
  • Create Private Vault for xWIN Asset
  • Obtained antique dealer license
  • Strengthen token utility for xWIN Academy

December 2021 — January 2022

[The future after that]

  • Listing on Binance
  • Share transaction information, research new product innovations such as AI in blockchain.



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xWin is DEFI platform built with Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology. It provides sector index, farming vault and variety of vaults to maximize returns