xWin LP Vault and PancakeSwap Farming

How to Farm in Pancakeswap?

3 min readFeb 25, 2021

If you have BNB in your metamask wallet, what do you need to do to farm in Pancakeswap? I have been recently helping a lot of friends in teaching them how to stake and farm in Pancakeswap to earn the interests.

Basic 4 Steps In Doing Farming in Pancakeswap

  1. First, you need to have BNB token in your wallet. Swap your BNB into CAKE by separating them into 50% and 50% in value. For example, if you have 10 BNB in your wallet, you may want to swap 5 BNB into CAKE. You will get 90 CAKE as shown.

2. Once you get your CAKE token, go to Liquidity and select CAKE. Put the 90 CAKE you get before. You have to add 4.98656 BNB and 90 CAKE as a pair to put them into Pancakeswap CAKE-BNB Liquidity Pool.

3. You will be entitled to get certain amount of CAKE-BNB LP tokens in returns. Go to Farms from the menu. You will see the CAKE-BNB LP pool with 137.71% APR.

4. Click Approve Contract for the first time. Then click on + button. Input all the amount of LP token. Confirm

That’s it. You will start earning CAKE and you can harvest it anytime you want. When you want to unwind the position to get back to your BNB, you will have to reverse the procedure to get back your BNB

  1. Unfarm it
  2. Remove From CAKE-BNB LP pool
  3. Swap CAKE back to BNB

It’s Too Hard or Troublesome?

xWin LP Vault helps you to perform staking and farming with ease with single click. You subscribe to the vault just like buying the fund. You will in return get the PCLP-CAKE token in returns as ownership of the vaults.

When you buy, the vault performs:

  • Swap 50% of BNB amount provided into farming token. i.e. CAKE
  • Add 50% of BNB + 50% of CAKE value after swapping into Pancake FARM pool to get LP Token
  • Stake LP Token get from step (2) into Pancake Farm to earn CAKE
  • Vault issue equivalent of vault token (ownership token) back to investor.

When you sell, vault performs:

  1. Un-stake the equivalent about of LP token from Pancake Farm
  2. Withdraw from the liquidity pool from Pancake LP pool
  3. Swap farming token and earned CAKE token into BNB and return it to investor
  4. Burn vault token

Finally, farm PCLP-CAKE token to earn extra XWIN token

Sounds too good? Try it out at https://xwin.finance

About xWin

xWin is a fund management platform built using Binance Smart Chain that helps investors to invest in ETF-like vault, stake on various liquidity pools with ease and get rewarded. The platform is currently in the beta stage and also connects investors to the best fund strategies provided by professionals. And thanks to the Binance connection, all investors need is BNB to get into DeFi staking pools with ease.

Details and contact information for this service

Platform site URL: https://xwin.finance

Contact us here: admin@xwin.finance




xWIN is an innovative platform that empowers fund managers to establish and manage their funds, providing investors with access to investment opportunities.