XWIN Token Monthly Burn! August 2021

[UPDATE Aug 31,2021 11:00JST: Burn transaction ID is finished. A total of 6000 XWIN token was burned.]

A total of 6,000 XWIN token is planned for burn at the end of Aug 2021. Since the first round of 12,500 tokens has been burned in last July, the team is committed the effort to minimize the inflation of the XWIN token. First announcement of token burning is here:


Proceeds From XWIN-BNB LP Token Farmed

XWIN team has been performed XWIN token bonus swap every month with 10% extra bonus whenever user swap BNB into XWIN or XWIN-BNB LP token. All the proceeds received in the activities will be contributed into liquidity pool in Pancakeswap. Then, the XWIN-BNB LP token will be used to farm in XWIN Farm to earn about 140% APR. The team wallet is getting about 6000 XWIN token in August. Therefore, we are planning for 6000 XWIN token for burning on 31st August.

Going Forward

XWIN continue the effort of launching the bonus swap with the purposes of:

1. Increase the liquidity in PCS XWIN-BNB pool

2. To benefit more users on getting extra bonus

3. To allow the team to burn more XWIN token and therefore minimizing token inflation

XWIN Team.

xWin is DEFI platform built with Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology. It provides sector index, farming vault and variety of vaults to maximize returns