xWin is committed to create the best environment for user to invest into various type of universe in tokenized world. xWin intended to be the leading platform to provide variety vaults or indices for our community to better diversify the portfolio.

xWin ANTG Index

  1. Amazon (50%)
  2. Netflix (10%)
  3. Tesla (20%)
  4. Google (20%)

The weight is assigned based on the market cap of each stocks. Even though the 4 names doesn’t represent the US market universe but I believe this is the good start of having stock market tokenized in decentralized world. They are available in trading in Pancakeswap.

Performance Comparison

Source: Yahoo Finance
From the statistic shown, the sharpe ratio is better in ANTG index

Portfolio Diversification

Mirror Finance

Even though there are only limited tokens are available in Pancakeswap. But I believe the tokens will be increased in the near future. xWin is looking forward to better utilize the platform to provide different type of vaults to the community.

About xWIN

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Platform site URL: https://xwin.finance

Contact us here: admin@xwin.finance

xWin is DEFI platform built with Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology. It provides sector index, farming vault and variety of vaults to maximize returns